August 7, 2017

ACP Case Break Proposition

Here is my idea:  A case break on something that will be released later in the year, such as Bowman's Best or the like with the Yankees being claimed by the blog and the rest of the teams being priced according to potential hits and number of cards on that particular team.

Therefore, the claim of the Yankees or Dodgers for example would offset the cost for someone who wants a team with minimal chance or no chance at a hit and just wants to get in on the break.  The other option is that smaller teams in the break can be grouped together, i.e. Twins & A's or something.  Option 3 is to tier the break with prices falling into 3 groups per se.

How many would be interested in a case break where the teams are claimed on first come first serve and in one of these fashions?  I would also be willing to do 2 breaks where we give second person waiting a chance at their favorite team if they jump in on the first one to help fill (Yankees excluded).

I'd also be likely to take the Mariners if no one else did and would be willing to trade for Pujols cards.

Drop a comment with if you would be interested.  I'd like to get a case or two locked in early with lowest price.

We have done many case breaks in the past with teams being claimed and not random and it has worked well, I just need to figure out how to best structure pricing.


  1. it all depends on price, but the Braves and/or Jays could head my way if this takes off...

  2. I would probably be in on a PYT-style break for the Rangers (depending on the cost), but the other types may be above my level in terms of cost.

  3. If it's affordable... and somehow the A's and Padres were paired up... I'd be interested.