February 3, 2015

Merry Christmas to me - Topps Series 1 is almost here!

My family celebrates on Christmas Eve. And every year, my nieces and nephew tear into their presents with an exuberance I can’t even pretend to have. I love watching them. It’s a joy that I know I will have one day, just not on Christmas.

That day will be here soon. … So, so soon. In fact, that day is today.

Today, I’m headed to A Fantastic Store to help them open a case of cards. Really, who needs help opening a case of cards? But I am going as a Topps representative to ensure thing run smoothly and the live stream gets on the air so that people can watch it.

But here is the thing that Topps doesn’t realize - this is not work for me. I am going to rip open packs of cards (or at the very least watch an entire case being opened). I will be rolling around in Series 1 cards.

This is my Christmas.

There are a few reasons I am excited for Series 1 this year:

1.       It’s the first set of baseball cards of the season.
2.       I actually find the base set appealing. I can’t say that for every year, including many of the most recent ones.
3.       I had a hand in creating this set. I didn’t pick most of the images, but I did find a few of them. So besides being Series 1, there is a little bit of me in it – just not the Suzy card. That’s not me.

I kept refreshing eBay last night to watch the latest cards trickle in. Then, I got to see some retail opened as Jeff over at 2x3Heroes found some at his local Target (that’s where the Jeter card came from). I felt like a mother who just watched her kids grow up – on Christmas.


  1. NO ! That can't be real ! Did Topps actually deviate and use some color in the border of the card ? Is MLB allowing competition back in the marketplace and Topps will actually have to get creative and perform a little quality control . I am even shocked at the fact that the Jeter card is pretty well centered . Perhaps there is still a bit of room for hoping in todays age that a card can actually be produced with perfect centering and four sharp corners . Suzy , If you had anything to do with that , Thank You ! John ( stressreelief )

  2. You mean that they didn't give you a box or a case or a truckload of series 1 as a Topps employee before it hit the shelves ?Where's their Christmas spirit ?

  3. I imagine the following scenario with that card:
    Jeter : "I must go now; my people need me" (continues upward into space)