February 22, 2015

Looking to start a new player collection

I haven’t needed to start a new PC in a while. While I collect New York Yankees cards, I have always been a player collector at heart.

Derek Jeter was my first big player collection. I have more than 2,000 unique cards (still working on completing my want list), and even though he is retired, collecting Jeter cards won’t go away any time soon. Even if his face never appears on another card again (THAT BETTER NOT HAPPEN), I have more than 20 years of cards to chase.

But lately I’ve had the feeling of starting another player PC. I had been collecting Kevin Kouzmanoff, but since he hasn’t been in MLB much over the last several years, he hasn’t had a new card since 2011.

A few players have intrigued me, though, and here are the candidates:

I actually had Betances PC way when he started in the minors and he had Team USA autographs. I traded one of them  years ago for a card  don’t even remember. He is obvious choice because he is the logical next New York Yankees closer.

Plus, he is just a nasty pitcher.

A little side note (#humblebrag): I am definitely getting a couple of autographs that haven’t been released yet because I was an editor on a project at Topps and then did a signing session with Betances. I got to see the card made from almost start to finish, so I need at least one of those.

I always loved his exuberance on the field. He always looks like he is having fun, which made me enjoy watching him play baseball. Then I read about his foundation and how he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was 18. I can see why he has just a pure love for the game because it could have been something that never happened for him.

Panik comes from the area I kind of grew up. He was born in Yonkers, NY, which is where I was raised, and grew up in Hopewell Junction, NY, a bit north. His connection to my area sparked by interest in the San Francisco Giants second baseman.

There is no tie that I know of Fernandez to my team or my area. There is no huge fight against cancer. He is just a guy coming back from Tommy John Surgery that I think could be great. I love his look and am just intrigued by the 2013 NL Rookie of the Year.

Minutes before writing this post, I actually put an offer on a card of his on eBay. Fingers crossed that I win.


  1. I have too many right now. From Jeter to Tino To Teixiera to Mantle to Clemente to Namath to Chrebet to Martin to Pennington to Bossy to Taveres to Broduer to Ewing to Lee.

    I think I may need to drop a couple just so I have some room. I had to restrain myself from starting an O'Neil PC.

    Good luck with whoever you decide to PC. The Yankee fan in me says to go with Betances, but the Bronx guy who hangs out a lot in Yonkers/Westchester says to go with Panik.

    1. I think Betances wins out anyway because I like him and he's on the Yankees. If Panik wasn't from this area, I probably wouldn't give him a second thought. Maybe I will just get one card of his and focus the rest on betances.

  2. I added Betances to the PC fold this past season. Also added Luis Severino. We'll have to see how some of the other prospects and Eovaldi make out, there is potential there.