February 14, 2015

eBayer's Anonymous

Hi, my name is Marie and I'm an ebay-aholic... (everyone: Hi Marie!)

I am always trolling eBay for cards I need and when I saw this one I submitted two offers...  One was a low ball offer in an attempt to steal it.  The second was $3 less than the seller's counter offer at which point I decided $3 won't make or break me so it was a deal.

Since it is one of his rookie cards I needed to have this one, plus it is absolutely one of the coolest rookie patch cards I've seen and definitely the coolest one I own now.

2010-11 Panini Dominion Mammoth patch /25

As a collector it's one of those cards you just can't pass on with such a low serial numbering and a product that is already a few years old.  Odds are against you finding another one...  Speaking of finding another one, I am watching a card right now that is a low serial numbered card but the guy is asking a crazy price.  The last one (which I know now that there was one other on eBay) sold for half of what they are asking.  I offered slightly more than half and now we wait.... Or we get impatient and buy it now and get ripped off just to make sure we get it... Or we take a nap since it's snowing and I am so tired from the gym today...  Decisions, decisions...  

As always, let me know if you have any McDonagh cards to trade or just send my way if you are feeling generous...

UPDATE:  The seller of the card I'm stalking bought it on Feb 1 and is now selling it for double... That mother forker!

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