February 8, 2015

Baseball History insert cards join to create larger cards

The checklist from 2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball shows a Baseball History insert set. The 30-card set features just 15 numbers with an A or a B next to it. The reason for this is that the two cards make up one bigger card in a way.

Side A has a moment in history such as the start of the Geneva Conference or the Polio Vaccine being found safe or MLK’s March on Washington.

Side B has a baseball moment within a few days – or even on the same day – as the historical moment putting baseball into a historical context.

Consider the first cards in the set. Here is 1A – Geneva Conference Begins

You will notice no border on the right side of the card.

Here is 1B – Hank Aaron hitting his first MLB home run

This card has no border on the left side. When you put the two cards together, the design matches to create a bigger card putting these two moments in history together.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, that's cool. I had thought these inserts were a bit pointless at first, but the whole match-em-up aspect is neat.