January 5, 2015

Wallet Card in the City

Breakdown Cards has created a game for collectors. Think of it as Flat Stanley only for collectors. You take a card, carry it around in your wallet and then take pictures with it in places you go. By the end year, you and your Wallet Card have made a fun trip around the world!!!

OK, so maybe just around the block in some cases.

The idea is fun, and I am definitely participating because what collector doesn’t already keep a card in their wallet?

I have a card that’s been sitting in my wallet for a couple of months now, a 2014 Topps Update Derek Jeter #US2. The card is there for sentimental reasons (of which I have already blogged about). I love opening my wallet every day and seeing that card. It reminds me what I what to accomplish.

It’s also a pretty good conversation piece. People ask me, ‘So what do you do at Topps?’ A simple answer is I pick the pictures that go on the fronts of cards, I proof the copy on the backs of cards and a lot of other things that are way too complicated to explain.

OR … I just pull out the card, hand it over and say, “I do that.”

So, here is my first entry into Wallet Card. Bringing Derek Jeter back home. This is where he was created. This is where the magic happens.

(Note: Yes, I’m the jerk who keeps her wallet card in a top loader, but for pictures here on out, I will take it out of the top loader so little Jeets can enjoy the sights of the new and exciting places we go.)


  1. Not fair. That's like taking a picture of the Bible at St. Peter's in Rome. No one can compete with this!!! Haha Awesome Pic!