January 2, 2015

Shaping up the collection for 2015 - A resolution-free zone

New Years resolutions have a bad connotation with me. It seems like people say they are going to do things this year and then a week later, it’s forgotten about. You just spent a few bucks on a gym membership, and you are never going to use it after January. Well, maybe again right before spring break and just as summer approaches.

But it was a waste of money and time, and just gives you an opportunity to make the same resolution next year.

Instead, I like to have goals for each year. Not something like losing weight or being nicer (I’m just peachy, so no need for that), but things that are attainable, or, in my case, collectible.

These aren’t easy goals either. My new year goals are comprised of things I think about doing or projects that I am in the middle of doing and want to finish. So, writing it down and making myself accountable sometimes works. If you looked at my three goals from last year, you will see sometimes it doesn’t.

Here are my 2014 goals (which are mostly all collecting related).

Goal #1: Create a Derek Jeter want list
I know what I have, but what do I want? That’s a damn fine question. Because I actually don’t want every single Jeter card – nor is it really attainable – I need to make a detailed list of everything I actually want and go after it.

Here’s the thing about being a player collector. If someone owns a 1-of-1 that means my collection will never be complete. Being a completist in this day for player collectors is so difficult, so you have to figure out what exactly you want so you don’t drive yourself crazy going after every card.

In reality, my Jeter want list will include no hits (relics, autographs) and no 1-of-1. It will likely include manu-relics, but that’s still something I am figuring out. That should bring the list down significantly while still giving me an incredible amount of cards to chase.

Goal #2: Finish my Supernatural collection
After opening a case, I still needed a handful of autograph and wardrobe cards. My plan is to finish that set this year without spending a ton more money. I might have to wait it out a little bit to get some of the cards, but I am making progress with recent eBay purchases.

Goal #3: Keep A Cardboard Problem going
We had 74 posts in 2014 on ACP, which is not a lot considering in the heyday of the blog we had more than 550 posts in each 2010 and 2011. But that 74 is still way better than 2013 (0) and 2012 (3).

I’ve enjoyed writing about cards from a collector point of view again without feeling obligated to do it. I write when I want. I write when the mood strikes me. And since my writing is at the minimum these days because my career is no longer relied upon it, the itch is greater than ever.

Goal #4: Finish the first draft of my novel
This isn’t a collecting goal. In fact, my novel has nothing to do with cards or sports. However, it’s something I have been working on for a couple of years. I have 30,000 words to it and it’s time I get at least a first draft done.

Now that I got that out there, tell me your goals for 2015.


  1. My goal is to read your novel.

  2. My main goal for this year is to better organize my collection and get everything up on Sports Card Album.

  3. My card related goals (I also don't do news year's resolutions) are three-fold:
    #1 Finish posting my tradelist to the Trading Card Database. I got most of my NASCAR tradelist posted in November and December and I already worked multiple trades bringing me over 300 new cards to my collection. I still have some NASCAR, slightly under half my non-sports and almost all of my NBA tradelist still waiting to be posted. I've only posted 889 cards so far, and my NBA tradelist is, I believe, over 10,000. It surely was at one point but I may have traded away too many to reach that mark.

    #2 Get my fronts to backs ratio closer on the Database. When I first joined, I had already scanned the fronts of my entire NASCAR and most of my non-sports collection, and started posting them. After a short time there I decided to do the backs too, but by then I had already posted over 1000 front only scans. I've worked it down to less than 350 now, but I want to get it even, or as close as it can be. While I've been working on other stuff other members have posted some backs to my fronts so I may not be able to bring it totally even.

    #3. I want to acquire more than 11 Elton Brand cards in 2015. That was my total for all of 2014, and it's pretty terrible. So far, I've already added two- purely by luck, from a mixed box- (On the 1st, no less!) and I just bought another on Ebay maybe two hours ago, so it's a much better start than 2014 had, where I didn't get my first until April. The one I nabbed online is numbered to 10 as well, which, while not my lowest numbered card of him (I have a 1/1 from 2003-04 Bowman Signature) it's still a great card.

    Not a 2015 goal, but a lifetime collecting goal, is to have every NBA player, NASCAR person, and NBA and NASCAR set represented in my collection. By my calculations, there are 478 NBA people (Not just players, but coaches as well- anyone who has an NBA card), 81 NASCAR people, 92 NBA sets and just 12 NASCAR sets missing from my collection. Of course, I still find out about people and even occasionally sets I didn't know about so the numbers are not set in stone. Even though there are only 12 sets for NASCAR, one of them on the count is the 1972 STP set, so it won't be an easy goal to complete, as each card sells from $90-200 dollars, which is more than I've ever spent on a single card. I do want to knock out at least one person per sport per month, but I have a tendency of getting sidetracked and not following through. I already added one new NBA player in 2015, and am waiting on one more to arrive in the mail...he's not on the list, though, because he only got one promo card and I just found out it existed about 5 hours ago.

    I actually meant to make a blog post of my own about my goals, but woke up sick on the first and didn't get around to it. Maybe I'll just copy & paste my reply as it's own post, LOL.