January 9, 2015

Nominations for The 2014 Bip Awards: Excellence in blogging in social media in the trading card industry

Collecting cards is a hobby we all love an enjoy. We love sharing stories, keeping track of the latest news, and challenging companies to be better.

This year, I am hosting The 2014 Bip Awards, honoring the best of the blogging community. In addition, there are a couple of social media awards.

Starting today and running for one week, we are going to take nominations for each of the 11 categories. On Saturday, January 17, the five nominees (and 10 for Blog of the Year) will be announced. The voting will take place for the two weeks after that.

The winners will be announced on Feb. 2. And, there will be prizes.

I hope many of you take part in the awards. This is a special community and a great way to recognize those that contribute to it.

Please don't "stuff" the ballot box by getting every person you ever met to vote for your blog. If I think there is any tampering going on, I will remove that blog from consideration. It's the internet, people do crazy things to win contests. Also, try not to vote for yourself.

Please nominate blogs and social media members through the form below:


Here are the categories:

Best blog of the year
Rookie of the year (favorite new blog)
Best industry-related news source
Most generous blogger
Best non-baseball blog (sports-related)
Best non-sports blog
Best blog post (Was there one blog post that stood out to you this year?)
Best recurring subject
Blog you wish would come back
Social media: Best Twitter feed
Social media: Best Instagram account



  1. Rookie of the year (favorite new blog) sportscardalbum.com
    Most generous blogger Sergio at bustingpacks.com

    1. Please use the form in the post to include your nominations.

  2. I submitted my nominations but since I'm very new to the world of card blogging, (less than 2 months) some of the answers I gave were kind of iffy. For example, I have not found any non-sports blogs other than my own (and at that I have only posted about 2 entries on the subject), I've only found two Twitter feeds by card bloggers, for example, and I don't use instagram at all. Hopefully by next year, I will be more knowledgeable and be able to provide more proper answers.

    1. No problem. Thanks for participating! Much appreciated.

  3. Done and done. Thanks for hosting Suze. You should get one of the graphic designers at Topps to come up with a kick ass award design. I mean I'm sure the Night Owl would want to be able to put that badge on his blog.

    1. Thanks for voting. I like the idea of badges. Thanks!

  4. Nominations nominated, though non-baseball & non-sports are iffy in their eligibility. I just don't really keep up with any of the former & don't know if a true, dedicated non-sports card blog exists. I just went with the closest to either that I do follow and enjoy. I also don't do Instagram at all, so I just had to go n/a there.

  5. I'd nominate www.cardboardconnection.com for best industry-related news source.
    Best blog: CollectTheMets.com
    Best Twitter feed, I'm entertained by: @yanxchick

    1. She entertains me too. Wait, maybe that's @SoozonSports?

  6. Best blog of the year - Waxaholic
    Rookie of the Year - Bad Wax Customs
    Best industry related news source - Cardboard Connection
    Most Generous Blogger - House of Oglethorpe
    Best non-baseball blog (sports related) - Just A Bit Offside
    Best non-sports blog - n/a
    Best blog post - 6,000,000 Cards and Counting: Aug. 27, 2014 - Found My 29 Year White Whale
    Best Recurring Subject - Custom Card Creations (Design on Deck)
    Blog I Wish Would Come Back - Amazing Shea Stadium Project
    Social Media (Best Twitter Feed) - @opeecheestars
    Social Media (BBB eat Instagram Account) - n/a

  7. Thanks for organizing this. Makes me realize that I don't read enough blogs. Ha ha.