November 5, 2014

A big, hearty THANK YOU

When I started this blog in 2007 (what?!), it was simply a place to talk about trading cards. Marie and I had each other to discuss cards and show each other our new goodies, but the writer in me wanted to do a bit more.

Since then, so many things have changed:
I’ve changed jobs three times.
- I have more gray hair.
- I moved back to New York.
- I gained three more nieces.
- I got married.

That is just the short list.

The crazy thing about A Cardboard Problem is that I would likely wouldn’t have the job now if this blog wasn’t created. I wrote about cards on this site for several years. Then, I got an opportunity to do freelance pieces for Beckett and eventually became an editor there. Four months ago, I landed at Topps, and having experience in the card industry certainly helped.

Through the blog I also have meant and traded with so many great collectors. It renewed my love for collecting because I didn’t feel as though Marie and I were in a collecting vacuum. There were still thousands of collectors and many of you came to visit our little blog about two women who love cardboard.

I was completely humbled after my wedding. Besides marrying someone who is a card collector (who’s luckier than me?), I received gifts in the mail that were arranged by Stale Gum (government names kept out to protect the innocent) where more than a dozen people gave to buy Dan and me a gift.

For those that didn’t know, we got a toaster oven and a blender. I have already made some frothy adult beverages with the blender and they were delicious.

I am deeply touched by the gift. In all my wildest imaginations, I never thought that a little card blog would turn into a place where I would meet great friends. Even if we have never met and simply chat on Twitter all day or simply comment on each other’s blogs, I know I have truly made great friends that go far beyond our hobby. I didn’t list the names, but you will be getting a special thank you card in the mail that may just include a real trading card of the newlyweds.

Thank you so very much.

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