June 1, 2014

Inspiration from more than 100 years ago

We all go through ups and downs when it comes to collecting. One week, you’re buying every blaster at Target and the next you’re throwing your base cards in the fireplace.

Right now, I’m on a down swing. I haven’t gone as far as starting a fire yet, but I don’t feel a pull toward the card shop lately.

HOWEVER … Yes, there is an exception.

I fell in love with two inserts this year.

The first came in Gypsy Queen. The N174 are beautiful. It doesn’t matter the player, these cards look fantastic. The origin of these cards took a bit of research. They’re associated with the Gypsy Queen cigarette brand.

Goodwin Co., a New York-based tobacco brand, released a number of cards and photos in the late 19th century. They featured actresses, flowers, dogs of the world, and baseball players. But this specific issue of photos highlighted prizefighters, according to The American Card Catalog, and are extremely tough to find in any condition.

These are several versions of the N174 cards, which have been used in previous GQ releases such as the image below. I did find a checklist listed on this site, but not sure how accurate it is. I think there are still new cards that are added to the checklist every couple of years.

These vintage inspirations always get me.

The other card that I love is the 2014 Topps Archives Deckle Edge, inspired by the 1969 cards. Again, the vintage look and feel makes this one a must have for me. Although, I don’t have any of the newer cards on hand, I do believe the 2014 Archives card is a mini.

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  1. I completely agree. The N174's are easily the highlight of this years GQ set. The first (2011) GQ set, with the yellow borders and that older design (like the 3rd image you posted) are still up there in my list of favorite sets. I wish we could have a few more like that and a little less of the current art-deco stuff.