June 4, 2014

Haven't gotten the Topps Bunt cards you want? You can always buy them

How many of you have tried Topps Bunt?

It’s a virtual baseball trading card game. I downloaded the app to my Android tablet while it was still in  beta mode. I tried it for about 10 minutes and gave up. There’s nothing wrong with Topps Bunt, but considering how obsessed I became with Candy Crush once upon a time, I am not looking to get sucked down the digital gaming hole once again.

The app allows you to trade cards and pick up packs with random and rare cards inside.

But there is another way to get Topps Bunt cards – you can buy them on eBay. And, these digital cards are selling.

If you wanted this rare Mike Trout signature card, one dealer is selling it for $500 BIN. Yes, it sounds crazy, but if you look at completed listings, similar digital Trout cards have sold for around $150.  

Now, if I wanted to get a Derek Jeter digital signature, I could fork over about $120. Since it's the only Topps Jeter autograph that will show up in packs any time, maybe there are some who think it's worth it.

However, not all the Bunt cards on eBay are selling for obscene amounts of money. Lots are extremely popular, giving new users a whole cache of digital cards. Also, some sell for a couple of bucks or two showing there is no real difference between physical and digital cards when it comes to value. 


  1. Man, that's crazy. If I wanted a digital copy of a card, I'd just right-click save-as. Boom, free digital card.

  2. That's funny. Maybe I will start saving all the Jeter ones and see how many there are out there.

  3. As a man who finally tried Bunt this year and likes it. There is no way I'm giving Topps any real money and no way in hell I'm paying for digital cards. Otherwise the app can be fun. I don't have time for fantasy baseball, but I can find 5 minutes to load my line up in the Bunt app, plus it's kind of fun to trade.

  4. Well I am also a Derek Jeter collector. I love the cardboard. I just can't get over paying hundreds of dollars for a digital card. I like looking at my cards and organizing them and reading the statistics on the backs. I see no fun out of a digital card. Is this where we are headed to in the hobby?

  5. I play Topps Bunt and collect my favorites but only through trading in the Fan Feed and by buying packs with the free coins I get from logging in each day (1000 per day with a heft bonus for 6? days in a row)

    As for Ebay...and buying a digital card..that is odd

  6. Now, I am confused. Is this money that you make off of the app REAL money that you can withdraw to spend on whatever else you want to in life with, or just money for other digital cards?!?!?! Downloaded the app, but haven't spent money or time on it. Is it it just another "game" with in-app spending?