May 7, 2014

Leaf offers Jose Abreu cards on eBay

Jose Abreu is the hot player right now – on the field and on cards.

With his autographs just hitting the market, his card prices have blown up. Expect his cards to be everywhere now just like they were last year with Yasiel Puig. The good thing for Abreu collectors is that cards have hit earlier in the card cycle than it did with Puig.

Everyone wants to cash on this young star – including Leaf.

Leaf created a “Welcome to Chicago” card that it’s selling exclusively through eBay.

Of course, since it’s not Topps, it’s mean no logos or team names – and lots of airbrushing.

What do you think of this card?


  1. is this just a (base) card, or a promotional card that Leaf is offering? Not sure that I see the purpose of issuing this card--your thoughts? Kind of reminds me of the Manziel Predictor cards.

  2. Quick cash grab by Leaf, hard to treat a company that does stuff like this as legit.

  3. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Thy did the same with Puig cards last year, I think. Handed them out the National.

  4. It's Leaf's way of 1. Cashing in on the popularity of Jose Abreu and 2. getting cards on the market right way.

    If you have a card you want to make, other companies go through distributors to release the card. This way, Leaf can get the cards create and offer them immediately. They have done this before too with Britney Griner autographed cards.

  5. Dumb card. It should say "Welcome To America" at least. But I don't think this is any worse than Topps creating "blank back 1/1" cards specifically for eBay.

  6. I'd like the card without Abreu.