May 14, 2014

Having fun with pre-sale pricing

I subscribe to the Steiner Sports newsletter. As a New York Yankees fan, how can you not? They are the official place to get Yankees memorabilia, and occasionally they have good deals on products. I actually picked up a signed Derek Jeter photo from his 3,000th hit a while back when I saw it for a good price

I think I roped my mom into giving it to me as a Christmas present since it seems she never knows what to buy me.

One of the emails I got a couple of days ago centered on pre-sale prices for upcoming autograph signings. I realized there are actually some great deals if any of these players appeal to you.  

Griffey won the Home Run Derby that year with 19 dingers, beating Jim Thome. The ball costs $219 without a case, and is dropped to $119 on the pre-sale. 

Clowney was the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He plays defense, which means Houston's D might be a little scary this year. The football is regularly $129.99, but is down to $99.99 for the pre-sale price.

I think I read O'Neil is a new exclusive signer with Steiner. Seems they are rolling out his stuff quickly. The cool thing about this hat is that it's also inscribed with "Warrior." Yankee fans know that means. Regular price: $249.99, pre-sale price: $149..99

This comes with the inscription "1998 World Series Grand Slam." Regular price $249.99, pre-sale price: $129.99. 

Regular price: $149.99. Pre-sale price: $89.99

This one is for Mets and Orioles fans, not so much Yankees fans. Regular price: 189.99. Pre-sale price: $89.99. 

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  1. I really enjoy Steiner's sales. Haven't picked anything up in over a year, but I used to really enjoy their 3/$99 deal.