May 8, 2014

Does your mom want memorabilia for Mother's Day?

You can get your mom flowers for Mother’s Day. But who says you can’t get something in return.

Steiner Sports is offering an interesting promotion for Mother’s Day that allows collectors to benefit too. People who are shopping at Steiner can get 20% off orders using the code FLOWERS14. Then, if you have spent $150 or more, you get a voucher for $50 to

Mom may want some memorabilia too. Seriously, when I have a child he/she had better buy me a Derek Jeter baseball card instead of flowers.

So, really, you could spend $150 on memorabilia for that special woman in your life (hint, hint) and throw in the flowers as a bonus.

I could imagine my mom’s reaction giving her a signed baseball with a single rose. She might not invite me over for Mother’s Day anymore.

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