May 22, 2014

Custom-made Derek Jeter card added to the collection

I’ve always been intrigued by custom-made cards. Probably because my Photoshop skills are non-existent. Cropping a pic is about as far as I go.

So when I got a new Derek Jeter card in the mail, I knew I had something unique. Matty Yerkes created this card. We follow each other on Twitter. That’s as far as our connection goes. The card, however, was sent to me by another Twitter buddy who won it in a contest. And the foremost Jeter collector – not really – he sent the card my way.

The card has a great look to it and looks like a bit like a Topps Superfractor. Since I will never own a Superfractor, I’ll just pretend.

Matty has a range of styles with the cards that he produces. Look below at some of the cards he has shown off on Twitter account (and give him a follow while you’re there). 

To be fair, this is not my first custom-made Jeter card that I own. Topher from Crackin Wax made one a long, long time ago for me


  1. These customs are awesome! In fact most of the custom cards I see on blogs are truly amazing. These guys should be working @ Topps.

  2. I've got to agree with Fuji - those are very impressive!

  3. Impressive and agree with Fuji