May 28, 2014

Can Major League inserts save Archives?

When Topps Archives came out two years ago, it seemed as though I ran to the closest hobby shop to pick up a box. I wasn’t disappointed either.

Besides being a fun break with a bit of nostalgia thrown in, there were autographs of players we haven’t seen in products in quite some time – and in some cases, never. It didn’t hurt that I pulled a Yu Darvish autograph either.

However, last year’s product didn’t capture the same excitement for me. To me, Archives feels like a product that should be released every four to five years. Give collectors a chance to miss some of the old designs. But if we continue to see the same designs over and over, they don’t feel special anymore. It’s the same way with the Topps Football designs with the 1963 and 1984 designs. It’s going on three years of using the look from the memorable sets.

This year’s Archives added Major League cards, which has created some excitement around the product. The cards feature five actors from the iconic baseball movie in character: Roger Dorn, Jake Taylor, Eddie Harris, Rachel Phelps and Ricky Vaughn. There are also autographed versions of these cards.

Or course, there are “Worst to First” parallels, which makes me feel as though the Baseball Card Vandals had their hand at these cards.

So far, Charlie Sheen has been the hardest pulls it seems with is his auto selling for more than $300. 

Tom Berenger autograph - he signed it in a funny spot.

Where's Jobu?


  1. I'm glad to see there are non-autographed versions of the cards. I could care less about pulling a Charlie Sheen autograph, but would kill for a regular card of The Wild Thing.

  2. In the run-up to the release of Archives, it seemed like the only thing Topps focused on was the Major League cards. You can hardly blame them considering how mediocre the rest of the product is.

    But yeah, I think we're all sick and tired of seeing the same designs over and over again. Archives is not a product that justifies an annual release.

  3. I don't think Archives justifies a release period.

    It dilutes the value of Heritage, not that I collect that either.

    The mini's using older designs doesn't help either.

  4. I tried one box and got an OK auto limited to 5, but rather than that I bought the autos on eBay to get my ML fix. I have the whole set of autographs from the movie, and I am done with any Archives purchases EVER (exception- another ML release featuring Cerano or Hayes)

  5. Archives. Nice reminder set of the mass production era. Problem: No Jeter auto's!!! Looks like Upper Deck locked that contract in a vault.