May 2, 2014

A free Robinson Cano autograph...

Today I get my mail and inside was a big envelope from Topps.  I was like oh maybe it's a blogger playing a practical joke since I haven't bought anything recently, or won any auctions that would come in the mail (especially from Topps).  So I opened it with the excitement and anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning, and holy smokes it's an on card Robinson Cano autograph...  Instant smile (despite wanting to kick him).  

So then I am sitting at the kitchen table staring into space wondering where the hell this came from and wondered how the cardboard Gods knew they needed to intervene in my disinterest in cards.  This went on for a few minutes until I realized I didn't look at the paper that was wrapped around the card.  I  opened it up and realized it was a redemption...   Which I apparently redeemed at some point.  I have literally no idea what I paid for this or when I redeemed it so it was basically like getting a free gift in the mail.  I vaguely remember buying it months and months ago.

eBay doesn't go back far enough for me to find the auction and Topps only shows shipping dates so whatever, it was free as far as I'm concerned.  My last purchase on eBay in January was a Callahan auto, and before that I made 3 purchases according to my feedback. One in August, September, and October so maybe it was one of those.  I should buy redemption cards more often so that when they arrive months later it's a fun surprise.

Anyone else ever redeem a card and forget about it or am I the only crazy person that's done this?

P.S. I went to label this post "Marie is crazy" and it was already an option... That made me laugh.


  1. Nice card. That's what I dislike about topps only show a shipment date an not a redeemed date. Probably a good thing being it takes them a long time for some redemptions. I currently have 4 outstanding. I think you can go back 2 or 3 yrs there is an archive option in payment history if you really want to know.

  2. I just received a Topps package a few days ago. Unfortunately it wasn't a Cano autograph. I'm the proud owner of some 2012 draft prospect that I've never heard of. Oh well... I guess I can't complain, because like you... it was a complete surprise. Congratulations on adding the Cano to your collection.

  3. You can go back three years I think on eBay purchases. It's archived under Purchase History. Hopefully you weren't waiting that long!

  4. I usually go out to the mail box and come back with a bunch of bills and junk mail. Nice to see that you were able to get such a nice card. FYI - Cano has a private signing coming up in June.