April 8, 2014

Which Chuck Finley am I really collecting?

Have you ever watched Burn Notice?

Every time Sam Axe introduced himself as Chuck Finley, I chuckled. Younger fans may not get the reference, but my mind would always go back to the days of the California Angels. Finley pitched from 1986-2002 (and for the Angels until 1999), so maybe a few people have heard of him, but it’s still funny every single time.

Ever since the TV show, whenever I see a Chuck Finley card, I put it to the side and it goes in to my PC pile. Starting a mini-PC on Finley may not be the wisest move right now, but collecting cards was never meant to be smart.

Check out this video, if you have never seen Burn Notice. Start at the 30-second mark for a little Chuck Finley action.


  1. Love the Burn Notice reference. I didn't watch it while it was on, but I'm in the process of watching all the episodes on Netflix right now. I think I'm on Season 3.

  2. I watched for a while, then life got in the way. I will re-start soon, I hope.