April 14, 2014

Steiner Sports lets you offer a price in its Amazon shop

Steiner Sports is letting collectors offer them a lower price on certain items through Amazon

I know … I know. A couple of thoughts popped into my mind when I saw this.

1.       Why do they need to sell on Amazon when they have their own store?

Amazon obviously reaches millions upon millions of people. The first place I tend to go to when looking for something is Amazon – although not usually collectibles. I think collectibles is still a market that Amazon is trying to build.

2.       Steiner prices are pretty high to begin with.

Sure enough, you can only offer on items that are more than $200. So, you’re still going to put out a few hundred dollars if you want to get something from its Amazon store.

Some of the cheapest items in the Steiner Amazon shop include Andy Pettitte Pants, a Cesar Cabral jersey, a Curtis Granderson windbreaker, and a David Robertson Hat .

On the other side of that, there is a Mariano Rivera uniform set from his 40th save of 2013 for the low, low price of $50,000.

And, I always have to look.

There are some Derek Jeter items. All the jerseys seem to cost about $25,000. I wonder if I offer the $4 in my wallet, they could take it. 

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