April 6, 2014

Spring Fever pack full of stars, just none I collect

Yes, spring is finally here.

That means plenty of baseball cards to start hitting the market. Along with that is Topps’ Spring Fever promotion. This year, collectors can get the cards by going to a card shop and purchasing 16 or so packs of Topps Series 1.

Or, you can go to an awesome card shop.

I managed to get some Spring Fever cards. While they look like last season’s cards, there is a holofoil type of sheen to them, which makes them much better looking in person than they are in the scans.

Of course, I didn’t pull a Derek Jeter card. Instead, I got some of these other guys. I am definitely not complaining about the players I pulled from the silver packs. 

I did manage to get a former Yankee. Seeing Robinson Cano in another uniform still stings. He's a great player and Brian Roberts just doesn't stack up. 

This wasn't the only photoshopped card in the batch. There is no way Topps managed to get the pictures of these players so quickly. Here's Prince as a Texas Ranger.

Along with the Trout, I did manage to get a player that didn't need any new uniforms. 

Those palm trees look good right about now.


  1. I got a Jeter I'm more than willing to part with.

    I really like the look of these cards. Probably because they're so colorful. The palms are nice, too.

  2. I have more than what I showed if there are any players you are looking for.

  3. I have Joe Mauer and Jose Fernandez.

  4. You sure know how to pull those Kershaws.

  5. I already have Fernandez. I'll trade you for the Mauer.

  6. Should me an email yanxchick (at) gmail ... with your address.