February 12, 2014

Oh, sweet Jeter!

Derek Jeter announced 2014 would be his last season playing professional baseball. I can't say we didn't see this coming. With how difficult it was for him to bounce back last season from injuries, it was only matter of time before this became a reality.

Many you card-collecting bloggies (that's not a real word) know that I am a Derek Jeter collector. I have more than 2,000 unique cards of his and am always looking for me.

His soon-to-be retirement won't change any of that -- and I am sure Topps will continue to produce cards of his for years to come, keeping the chase going.

I wrote about my Jeter collection and his retirement earlier for Beckett. Here's a little snippet and a link to the full article.

Also, check out some of  favorite Jeter-centric blog posts from A Cardboard Problem below that.

I knew the day would come. It inched closer and closer with every at-bat, every season, every centimeter of forehead that was new and fresh.
Derek Jeter would eventually retire from baseball. Jeter announced today that 2014 season would be his last.
Even though I knew it was coming, it gave me a pause. I stopped what I was doing and simply stared out into nothing. 
Then, I smiled. 
While there is a part of me that is sad because Jeter has been my favorite since 1996, I can’t help but enjoy thinking about the way he played. I had season tickets to Yankee Stadium for several years; I traveled on the road to more than 15 different ballparks to watch them play. I got to see spectacular plays in person that get replayed on highlights reels all these years later.
For me, Jeter is the Yankees. He is my Mickey Mantle, my Joe DiMaggio, my Babe Ruth.

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  1. Great post. Amazing cards too. That turkey red is unreal.

  2. I have the Jeter relic version of that Fleer Tradition This Day In History. It's my favorite Jeter (of the 4 I have) relic.