January 21, 2014

Don't call it a comeback...

Greetings old and new friends.  Sooz wrote a post about what has been going on since our last posts and it was pretty spot on.  I got burnt out trying to post many times a day, write reviews and previews, etc.  Honestly, I have no intention of writing a preview ever again in my life.  I'd be willing to review a product, but no previews and checklist stuff.  Nope.

So in the last year I have been busy in school.  I went back and did a one year Bachelor of Nursing degree and now I can dress any wounds you get from sharp cardboard.  (No, I am not a naughty nurse.  No, I don't own a tiny 'nurse costume'.)  In that year and the previous year I stopped collecting for the most part.  I got bored with cards, specifically baseball cards and Topps.  They got lazy with products and I got bored, there was no excitement anymore when ripping packs.  Everything was the same year in and year out and I was tired of wasting money on it.

Luckily the name of the blog encompasses all cardboard because I have taken a liking to collecting hockey cards.  They are exciting to open and they have more design "wow" factor with inserts, autos and game used.  My PC is mainly Ryan McDonagh of the NY Rangers, and I pick up other Rangers here and there.  I actually started my own blog a while back and got bored real fast trying to write alone and with all of like 4 people who read it.  It felt more like a diary than a blog and that made me feel like a giant loser.  If you want to check out some of my PC you can go to A Girl Walks Into A Card Shop and check it out.  I may or may not get around to posting it here but it's out there.  I mainly collect McDonagh autographs, I don't even bother looking for base cards or SN cards.  If I saw them at a show I would probably pick them up but I have no interest in creating more spreadsheets and driving myself bananas collecting 40 color variations of a card anymore.

I just opened a blaster of hockey cards and scanned them and was also reminded that I hate scanning cards.  I will post that later or tomorrow.  I just wanted to say hello now that Sooz got your attention and got the ball rolling.  Maybe in the spring Sooz and I will do a card shop road trip, maybe if I get a passport we can play in Canada so I can get hockey cards and stalk my new pal Stephane Matteau (more on that another day).  See, I have a few stories.  Oh, plus we will have to discuss Robbie Cano at some point here.


  1. The thing I miss most about cards is the differences in design from year to year. The designs from the last several years really don't stand out much. They have similar foil letters and styles. The "wow" factor when opening my first pack doesn't happen anymore (1972 or 1975 anyone?). I'd like to see Topps get back to that -- perhaps they can put out a low end set every year for us old timers. They could change up the designs and print them on the older style cardboard.

    OK -- rant over -- welcome back! :)

  2. Ahh, the classic cardboard hiatus. We all take them. Glad to have you back! :)

  3. Glad to hear you ladies are getting back into the game. I've taken almost a dozen breaks from the hobby over the past 30-something years. Each time with renewed interests and goals.

    Btw... I was one of those four people who read your other blog ;-)

  4. hockey, eh? Awww yeah baby!

    but the real question is... any new Cameros?

  5. HEY! It's always great to see another RANGERS fan around here!

  6. I'm glad you gals are back. I missed the female perspective. A Cardboard Problem is dead, long live the cardboard problem!

  7. I am glad you two decided to come back to blogging and congratulations on earning your degree.