October 28, 2011

Mail Day from Topps....

Yesterday the doorbell rings and I see the mail truck outside. Naturally I am suspicious of this considering the mailbox is outside. I open the door and the mailman tells me that I need to sign for a certified and registered letter. I ask where it is from before signing because who knows what the hell I could be signing for, and he tells me, "Tri-Star Fulfillment". Oh, that's oddly intriguing.

Now I'm thinking there is going to be some sweet ridiculous card inside if they need double signature and delivery confirmation on this envelope.... I even told the mailman, "there better be a Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols autograph in here." He chuckled, kind of in a ha-ha who? kind of laugh but whatever.

I shut the door, tear open the envelope, and......

I see this:

Sigh. eBay or trade bait is all I saw. I actually got good stuff in the mail recently for my PC which I'll show off when I have a chance to scan that stuff. Pretty sweet stuff unlike this junk.


  1. I would definitely be interested in trading for that Wallace! No Debbie Downer here!

  2. Any chance this card is still available?

  3. well hey those are purty cards at least! :)