October 5, 2011

I accidentally won this card

I know what you are all thinking already, "she is forever searching eBay for nonsense and now claims she bid 'accidentally', ok". Well, that is sort of how it went down...

So I saw this card on eBay and as you all already know, I don't care for game used cards unless it's a sick patch and even then I would rather spend the same money for an autograph. You also already know that I hate plain swatches on any card with a passion. So why did I end up with this 2011 Topps Marquee Titanic Threads card?

Well... I saw that the auction was ending within a few minutes of doing one of my 2478534897537903490 daily Cano searches and decided that I was not going to let someone else steal it for what started at $3.25.

I bid $5.50... outbid. OK, I don't even want it. But then I bid again without even thinking about what I was doing.

I bid $8.00... outbid. I really don't even like this friggin card...

I bid $10.00.... outbid. Now I am just annoyed because either I let someone else have it cheaper than I think it would end for with just like 2 minute remaining or I...

Bid $15.00... you are the current high bidder at $13.05 with 6 seconds remaining.... tick tock tick tock tick tock. You won!

F---ing wonderful.

I started out mad that it was too cheap to not steal and ended up mad that I got sucked into a card I don't like. This is what is called stupidity for those kids reading at home.



  1. Addiction is a terrible thing...

  2. Don't feel bad ... been there, and done that.

    Didn't get a t-shirt, but I do have the cards to prove it, unfortunately.

    And GCA is right - sometimes it's hard NOT to bid on something you're lukewarm on to begin with, and don't really want. I've been DESPERATELY happy when I've lost a bid ... more than once! (saved from my own folly)

  3. I mean... at least it wasn't a skid-marked jock strap. :\

  4. ebay remorse, we have all been there.