October 3, 2011

Game Used Jockstrap? Elastic Waistband?

Upon doing my routine "Robinson Cano auto" search on eBay I discovered a strange looking, low serial numbered 2011 Topps Triple Threads card. Look at this card and tell me what you think it is.

The seller uses the words "sick" and "nasty" to describe the card which leads me to think I'm right that it's his underwear, jockstrap, or waistband of his pants.

I honestly am at a loss as to where this patch is really from.


  1. I can't see the pic well on my phone, but batting glove maybe?

  2. That looks like the side paneling of a Batting Practice Jersey.


    I pulled a Jeter 4 panel Tribute earlier in the year that was all black material.


    At first I thought it was from the NY patch or his number. When I got a good look at it I could see tiny holes and the fabric was really thin.

  3. I wonder how much that card would go for if the piece of material in question had the letters "BVD" on it?

  4. I wonder if it could be the elastic cinch from a team warmup jacket if their jackets have elastic around the lower part to cinch against the body near the waist.

    I know in a mid-2000's product I pulled a piece of Rickey Henderson yankees jacket but it was from the jacket material and not from some other part like a possible cinching waistband.

  5. It might be pocket lining of his pants. Or possible the "slide short" padding inside the pants.

    Lucky you. That might have touched skin.