October 13, 2011

Case Break Results: 2011 Topps Finest

Last night we opened a case of 2011 Topps Finest baseball and it was pretty fun. There were a good variety of team hits, with the Braves coming out with the most hits. Overall, I think the product had some good autographs in it. Check out the cards from the break below.

Base card sample: Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter

Refractors /549 (Note: I missed a Tulo in the scan, but it is here)

XFractors /299

Green Refractors /199

Orange Refractors /99

Gold Refractors /50 Mike Minor and Alex Rodriguez

Red Refractors /25 Clay Buchholz and Justin Upton


Finest Moments

Finest Foundations

Finest Freshman


2 Mike Moustakas redemptions, one xfractor and one green refractor

Autographs /499

Mike Trout Xfractor /299

Anthony Rizzo Gold /99

Eduardo Nunez Red /25

Brandon Beachy, Mike Minor, Michael Pineda /499

Alex Cobb GU/AU /149

Andrew Cashner GU/AU /99

Chase Utley Finest Moments Gold GU/AU /20

Chris Sale GU Patch Gold /10

Topps 60th Anniversary Auto Continuity Subject "C"

What do you guys think of the results from a case of this "high end" Topps product? Quality of players/hits? I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of the rookie selection.


  1. I think it was a very solid catch. The patch numbered to 10 and the Utly to 20 were very nice. The Trout and Moose autos are tops. A great selection of star recractors and xfractors to round it out.

    The Royals kinda killed it, the two Moose autos and the Hosmer green are very solid.

    I am happy with my Revere refractor and the two Muaer 'fractors.

  2. Well, I got shut out on the Dodgers. Seems like Finest is all Braves, Yankees, Phillies and Red Sox.

    But I always like Finest. Don't care about rookies, but love shiny.

  3. I liked the barking background music, too. ;)

  4. You weren't kidding when you said the Braves did well! Awesome stuff!

  5. The Mike Trout X-fractor auto will coming to a milk carton near you soon.
    Shortly after the break ended Mr. Trout was Fish-napped!!

  6. I've seen two blog case breaks now and glad I missed out on the Rangers in both times.

  7. Certainly a better break on Finest than I had a year or two ago when I pulled doubles of the same patch/auto card of... umm... anyone remember? lol