October 20, 2011

2011 Bowman Chrome Blaster

I did it again. I seem to binge buy Bowman and Bowman Chrome in recent years and I honestly have no explanation as to why since I don't prospect and I don't have a big interest in amassing a huge collection of who "might be" when I collect 3 guys basically.

I'm going to go with the excuse that I bought it for the sake of the blog since I have been using that one for years. I probably should have labeled every post I've used that as an excuse for this way we could have kept track. Maybe it's better that I didn't...

This year the blasters are the usual price, with 7 packs per box plus one "extra" pack. 24 cards = $22 with tax. Good thing I didn't buy this with the intention of breaking even.

Base cards
3 Rookies - Danny Espinosa, Cory Luebke, and Andrew Cashner
2 Refractors - Dan Uggla and Mike Minor

Bowman Chrome Prospects
Purple Refractor /799 (Every purple refractor I have pulled the last two years has been a dude I had never heard of and probably won't pan out.)
Bowman's Best Miguel Sano
Bowman Chrome Throwback Nick Franklin
Die Cut Jameson Taillon
Die Cut refractor Miguel Sano

I feel like if this were 2010 then I could have made back about $10 on the Sano's and Taillon cards.... Now those are keeper cards because it's not even worth trying to get rid of right now. Out of the 4 die cut cards I have pulled from retail 2 have been damaged/imperfect out of the pack. I was curious to see if the same will happen in hobby packs, so I spoke to Wes about it briefly and in his case he said many of them die cuts were cut horribly or had things that needed to be removed on them.

I also can't decide if it makes more sense to buy the blasters for the extra cards, or the rack packs for the green xfractors. Part of me thinks the green xfractors if you hit the right ones would make that the better buy. Odds of hitting something big in retail are slim but at least if you pull a couple of good green xfractors you can sell them and pay for your rack pack.

Reminder: Looking for Cano, Pujols, Lind, and Banuelos cards from this set- in preference order.

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