September 14, 2011

Titanic Threads... Umm...

So I was looking up Pujols 2011 Topps Marquee cards and I came across what is called a "Titanic Threads" card...

Would there need to be actual threads on here to be named as such? However, in this case the card being named along with a ship that sunk is quite appropriate.

Talk about a waste of money.

This card isn't too bad- Gametime Momentos, but again only one of four quadrants has anything but white.

There are currently no active Cano relics or autos from this set on there, however I have yet to check the checklist to see if they exist but I am betting they do.

Anyone get their hands on this product yet?


  1. I have two boxes coming in tomorrow or Thursday. Debating on whether to flip both or maybe bust one. Results seem pretty spotty so far.

  2. Colbey's got a multi-box break coming up sometime, soon I hope. I'd love to pull a hit or two and a nice assortment of non-hits, though I'm not surprised by the use of large boring white swatches or multiple plain swatches of the same jersey. It's the Topps way, unfortunately.