September 27, 2011

For the fan that has everything

It's almost October and that means Christmas is rapidly approaching. While I can't say I have given much thought to presents yet, I stumbled across something entertaining on eBay that would be great for a football fan/dog owner. How many of you are trying to think of something that has both things in common?

Now the only reason I even know this item exists is because I was doing a search for a something for my puppy and it was one of the items. I'm done laughing about it and wanted to share this item with all of you.

Please tell me you think it's awesome. I may even buy one for my dog.


  1. "Why am I the only one that gets chewed" --Mike Vick

  2. ...only if you want your dog to have herpes.

  3. If your dog doesn't chew the toy, Michael Vick himself comes to your house and kills your dog.