September 8, 2011

Fifty dollar card idea

This time of year is fun for baseball not just for pennant races and playoffs, but also for the September call ups. The Yankees have called up a bunch of kids, including the highly prized Jesus Montero.

Tuesday night Montero showed everyone why he is so highly valued and what all the scouts have been talking about for quite some time by hitting not just one opposite field homerun, but TWO! Then today he had the longest RBI single to RF which put the Yankees ahead, though not for long.

Obviously now is not the best time to start a Montero collection, but the best time to begin unloading one. I have wanted a 2008 Bowman Chrome auto of his for quite some time but it's a wee bit out of my budget, and by wee bit I mean like $100+ out of my budget (I have Cano's to buy remember?).

Someone hands you a $50 who does not go on eBay or online and said, "use this to get a Montero RC for your collection." What would you buy? I have unfortunately become one of those people that would really rather just have an autograph rookie card than a base one so I wouldn't even know what one I would buy with that money or if I would buy a bunch of cards.

Would you go for a 2010 Bowman Platinum autograph instead? Or a Donruss minor league auto? I wouldn't mess with any of those other minor league cards but they are also out there.

I have one autograph of Montero in my collection, but it is a Tri-Star sticker autograph I pulled from a blaster of Yankees I bought at Modells a couple of years ago. While I love the card, the signature goes off the sticker and it looks pretty lame.

If someone can find me an un-graded 2008 Bowman Chrome auto in the $50 ballpark, there will be a prize... I don't know what it will be yet but I will give something away as a finders fee. So.... let's hear your ideas or propose a trade or sale to me. Ready. Set. Go.

P.S. Can someone also tell me why people list things like this on eBay? Idiots.


  1. I dont know why they would list it, but im ashamed they are from the same state as me.

  2. No such luck....but I did find a bowman sterling for $60 :) Not the same though, I know.

  3. That's tough. It's definitely not a cheapy, especially with his hot start for the Yanks. I am jealous of the Tri-Star. I've been trying to grab a Montero auto for a while...I'm even like 0 for 4 with TTMs.

    Good luck finding the Chrome auto!

  4. From a design level, I like the Bowman Platinum better. More room for his auto, etc. Looks like you can pick one up for around $15.

    I did see two listing for the Chrome version with little time left with some buffer room under $50. DM me on Twitter or email me and I'll send you links.

    If you can't get it for $50, I's wait until Jan/Feb and go looking again when some of the heat is off.

  5. Frankly, I'm with Baseball Nut - hold the money and wait for it to fall through the floor (anyone remember that dude.. umm.. strassbuggy or whatever)?

  6. Found three, one's about to go over fifty so I'll give you two. Second one's a xfractor auto. Here's the links:

    If you weren't kidding about the prize just post a comment on my blog, cool kid corner . blogspot .com ( no spaces )

    Good Luck!

  7. Sounds like you need to collect players from the cradle so you are only paying the Yankee premium and not the Yankee premium plus the hype premium.

    I bet you could get a boatload of Joba stuff with a fifty now so maybe you should collect Joba! ;)

  8. I was serious about giving a prize to the finder of the $50 chrome card.

  9. Two eBay auctions end in the morning, 9AM EST. Limit your search to 3 words "Jesus Montero auto". 2008 and chrome are not in the title, but they are in the description and the picture. Currently they are $45 and $35. Might go over $50, but they are low because of the way they have been listed.

  10. Those Montero auctions I told you about ended at around $51. Did you get one?

  11. You know, I could believe a really big Montero fan might buy the expired card for a buck just as an oddball piece of a collection. It's the audacity of listing it with an opening bid of $18 that is so infuriating.