September 20, 2011

The best part of Topps Marquee

Searching through eBay listings of Topps Marquee, my eyes fall onto the same types of card - no matter who the player.

The Topps Marquee Museum Collection autographs are some of the nicest autograph cards I have seen in a while. I love the autograph matching the color of the background in many of the pictures or sometimes the different color auto makes it pop.

This Pablo Sandoval auto /10 ended today for $210.06. It's Pablo Sandoval. He missed a number of games last year and this card still went for a good price.

This Craig Kimbrel really stands out to me. I love the gold background behind the autograph and the gold sort of coloring you see in the light on the card.

The one thing that could really ruin a card like this is a bad signature. Or when that looks more like hieroglyphs than an actual signature.

The other issue I have with these insert as well is just the high number of redemptions there seems to be. At the time I did a search on eBay for "Marquee Museum," 87 listings were available and 33 of them were for redemptions. That's a 38 percent ratio for those wondering.

Here are some other good examples of the Marquee Museum autographs.

Brandon Belt

 Josh Hamilton


  1. Those are some nice looking cards, I also dig the jumbo relic and patch cards form the set.

  2. I made an offer for a Tim Hudson card on eBay. I wouldn't normally go after something so high end, but the card is just so freakin' beautiful!