September 9, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Rack Pack Breaks

Yesterday I took a trip to Target for no reason other than to see if they had chrome and return the bag full of empty water bottles in my trunk. I figured if they have 2011 Chrome, I can use some of the return money to buy some packs and if not I'll buy coffee. Either way I was going to win.

As luck would have it they had cards. They only had rack packs though, no blasters and no loose packs. I wouldn't have bought loose packs anyway when you can get the rack pack and get 3 orange cards. I took the 10 or so rack packs off the rack, and picked two that I wanted and checked out. I didn't feel like taking the first two for whatever reason, and it worked out to my advantage.

Here are the cards from rack pack #1:

So after I finished opening this rack pack I seriously debated not even opening the other one because it just didn't do anything for me. Then I realized that I will inevitably buy another rack pack some other time if I don't just get it out of my system now- so I opened the other one.

Rack pack #2:

The two Pujols cards were in the SAME pack and back to back! I win.

Clearly had I opened the second rack pack first, I wouldn't have hesitated to keep going and open the next.

While I didn't get any orange cards that I want, I am very happy with the two Pujols cards. Hopefully I can trade my orange cards for Cano and Pujols orange if anyone is interested.

I know this is going to sound crazy but has anyone else noticed that these cards always smell like pancake syrup? Every year they smell like that, or maybe I am just weird...


  1. I stopped and picked up one rack pack at Wal Mart last night. I was actually surprised that they had some, it seems this area gets everything so late. (I still haven't seen any stickers around here!). I didn't get anything of real interest in it.

    How much did you pay for your rack pack? I'm probably just remembering wrong, but $8.98 seems like more than last year. I thought it was usually cheaper than Bowman, but it was the same price.

  2. You are spot on with the pancake syrup. I've noticed the same. Makes me wonder why the cards aren't stuck together.

  3. I've got an Orange Pujols card. Would you take it for that Hosmer?

  4. KellyT- the rack packs were $8.99 at Target. They were the same last year here. The whole "bargain" of the rack pack is that you get 3 cards free. Some deal, right?

  5. WOW $8.99 a rack pack. I haven't check the Wal-Mart here, but I have a hobby box I plan on opening before maybe.

  6. interesting you call it pancake syrup. I just think of it as some kind of solvant.

    The next big detriment to kids is huffing baseball cards. ;)

  7. 2011 Topps Chrome has a distinct breakfast "theme." What you have is the limited edition "Vermont Maple" variation. There are also other scented variations: "Ham & Cheese Omelet," "Fruit Cocktail," "Aunt Jemima's Packcakes," and my own personal favorite, "Frosted Flakes."

  8. I think they smell just like 1995 Topps. I don't know what that means, but when I smelled some freshly ripped cards tonight it brought me back to that year and opening cards on the steps of my parents house

  9. I never noticed the smell, but they taste like captain crunch.

  10. I recently pulled an A-Rod Xfractor from a rack pack. I'll swap it for that Mike Minor Xfractor I saw in your scan. Interested?