September 15, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome break: he stole my mojo

The BF and I hit the card shop on Monday. It was a pleasant trip through the Pine Barrens as we drove past log cabins and almost had a girl hit us as school let out.

But the 45-minute trip was worth it to get a little of the card shop experience.

Dan was happy with his break, especially after he stole all of my luck. I used to pull decent cards. I used to get lucky and get case hits when I would buy a box. Doesn't seem as I have that kind of pull anymore.

But someone else did.


Jason Heyward

David DeJesus atomic refractor

Heritage chrome: not pictured - Domonic Brown, Mariano Rivera

Alfonso Soriano refractor /562

Matt Holiday refractor /562

Miguel Cabrera Heritage black bordered /62
 1996 chrome reprints


Chris Sale blue refractor
 Brandon Belt

 USA Baseball redemption


  1. That Heyward is nice. Wanna flip it for a purple A-Rod refractor?

  2. Interested in the Belt, if you'd like to trade.

    He's been called "Baby Giraffe" around the Bay Area lately, due to the prodigious length of his cranial support column.

    First we have a Panda, and now we have a Baby Giraffe. I think once you add a third animal, you officially have a zoo, right?

  3. Don't mean to be a buzzkill, but Topps is now saying it's not a "set" of USA cards. It's a 5 or 6 card pack of them. Still a Great pull, so Congrats to him!