August 1, 2011

Wrapper redemptions at the NSCC

Wrapper redemptions can be a fun thing, if one of your players or teams is involved. Last year, was one of the craziest in recent memory because Topps had the redemption for a limited amount of Stephen Strasburg Heritage exclusive cards.

I had the idea that I was going to resell this card and become crazy rich! Well, at least make a few bucks back on the card. Instead, I got it graded - it came out a 9.5 with 9.5 sub-grades - and held on to it. Then, Strasburg broke himself and we're waiting on his return to MLB.

I don't see this year's wrapper redemptions being as exciting, but simply because there isn't much baseball other than Topps. I'm a baseball card collector and feel like I am missing out on something.

Upper Deck does actually have two baseball cards it's giving away in packs, including a Matt Szczur autographs, which I would really like to have. But there are only 35 of them and I think I would have a better chance of waiting for one of them to pop up on eBay instead of taking the wrapper redemption gamble.

Here's a breakdown from each company on what they're doing with their wrapper redemption programs.

Any of these interest you?

Panini America details on wrapper redemption
Upper Deck unveils its plans
Topps rookie Heritage redemptions
Obak cards


  1. If you happen to pick up the Moustakas, I would be interested in working on a trade. I am just hoping that he will eventually work out of his rookie hitting slump. He has done enough damage at every level of the minors that now he just has to prove himself in the show.

  2. I'll more than likely take a stab at the Panini redemption just for the heck of it. There is some potential for good stuff there. The Upper Deck one I can take or leave. I like the cards but the fact that they specifically designate the "diamond" dealers that can sell the redemption eligible packs bugs me a little. Topps redemption just seems understated and lackluster for a National show. Plus I'll be there on Saturday so the card they have picked out for that day has no place in my collection. Obak has never been on my radar so I don't plan on starting now, although the cards look kind of interesting.