August 13, 2011

Topps Lineage blaster break

Just gonna show off the inserts to 2011 Topps Lineage. I enjoy the inserts a lot. I am not a fan of the base cards so much, I received about 45 or so of those.

There is one relic card in each blaster of Topps Lineage. I actually pulled Kevin Youklis, but the good BF traded it for me a former Yankee. I felt much better after getting rid of the Youk card.

The Austin Jackson in a plain white swatch and the Youklis was a plain gray swatch. I like the look of the relics, but the relic itself just needs some work.

1975 mini insert. These might be my favorite inserts of the set, but I have not seen a 3-D in person yet. So I am waiting on those to pass full judgement.

Just to get an idea of exactly how mini we are talking, I have a Buster Posey scanned next to a George Sisler diamond platinum card from Lineage. They "minis" aren't Allen and Ginter minis, just a slightly smaller version of the base cards. 

Interestingly enough, my two chrome, refractor-type cards are of Walter Johnson and Stephen Strasburg. Both of Washington baseball fame.

These cards can be a little tricky to notice. If you don't check the back closely enough, you may miss the Venezuelan inserts where the backs are in Spanish. I initially thought I did not get an insert in that pack, but remembered these and sure enough found a Starlin Castro.

2011 star rookies - J.P. Arencicia

My little stand up card is of Hunter Pence. I wonder if I could sit him on my desk and look at his high socks all day.

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  1. That Aramis Ramirez mini looks odd. They didn't use that color scheme (orange on top, yellow on bottom) in the original '75 set. One of the things I liked about this mini set is I thought they stayed true to the original color schemes.

    Oh well.