July 8, 2011

With two hits to go, a look at my favorite Derek Jeter autograph cards

We're getting closer and closer and the excitement building as Derek Jeter got another hit on Thursday night. That means he's just two shy of 3,000 hits, and he could conceivably do it in front of the home crowd this weekend.

Getting to this point is quite an accomplishment. So, I figured it was time to start looking at some of the best cards in my collection.

I have five autograph Derek Jeter cards. Here are three of the faves:

This first one was pulled in a case Marie and I broke of 2008 UD Masterpieces. Marie had the honor of actually pulling this card out of the pack. She rubbed his little jersey swatch and then slowly handed the card over to me.

On-card autographs are always great to look at. They add an appeal that no matter how aesthetically pleasing  a sticker is placed, it doesn't beat the on-card auto.

This was actually my first Jeter auto. Pretty pinstripe.

Marie bought this for me one for a Christmas (or a birthday). Coolest Jeter card I ever received as a present. It will always be special because obviously it was the first.

This card I pulled myself. I remember that fine morning tearing into a box of 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot. I wished and I hoped and I willed a Jeter auto to be inside.

Wheeeeeee!! There it was.

Funny thing about this card is that Marie got me the brown bat version for Christmas that year. So I have them both. But this card remains my only pack-pulled Jeter autograph that I got with my own grubby hands.

As we get closer to 3,000 hits, the next series will be my favorite Jeter and legendary Yankees game-used cards.

Stay tuned!

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