July 7, 2011

This year's Allen & Ginter non-baseball auto checklist

Allen and Ginter is coming! Allen and Ginter is coming!

To some people this might be one of the best things you have heard all summer. There are is a HUGGGE number of collectors that enjoy Allen & Ginter, especially because of the non-baseball-themed cards you can get in the set.

Here is the list of non-baseball autographs in the set.

Aimee Mullins: Paralympic Champion / World Record Holder - It's a nice gesture. She had a medical condition where both of her legs were amputated. But how many people know who she is will collect this card?

- Ana Julaton: Women's Boxing Champion - As a woman (oh, you didn't know?) I'm a big fan of included empowered females in sets. As a sportswriter, I still have no idea who this is.

- Annika Sorenstam: Women's Golf Champion - I actually love this card.

- Cheryl Burke: two-Time Champion, Dancing with the Stars - This isn't even sports. This is when I have a big problem.

- Chrissie Wellington: Champion Triathlete and Iron Man World Record Holder - I actually love this card as well and hope to get one (or more) of these for my nieces who look up to Chrissie.

- Chuck Woolery: Game Show Host - Unless it comes with some sort of prize, please keep this card away from me. 

- Daniel Boulud: Award-Winning French Chef - Is he on the Food Network? Never heard of him.

- Diana Taurasi: Champion Women's Basketball Guard/Forward - Really, I don't collect WNBA cards.

- Dick Vitale: Basketball Broadcaster - This only works if there is a voice chip in the card.

- Evan Lysacek: Winter Games Men's Figure Skating Gold Medalist - Besides the fact that Lysacek dresses nicer than I do, the only reason I would want this card is because I have interviewed and written about him. I don't see how any regular card collectors are interested in this. 

- Geno Auriemma: Champion Women's College Basketball Coach - Not. A. Fan.

- Guy Fieri: Food Network TV Star & Host of Minute to Win It - Even. Less. Of. A. Fan.

- Heather Mitts: Champion Women's Soccer Defender - If it weren't for the World Cup (or Pat Burrell), I may never have heard of her.

- Hope Solo: Champion Women's Soccer Goalkeeper - A card I wouldn't throw away in the morning. 

- Jim Nantz: Sports Broadcaster -  I once used Jim Nantz in a video for grad school as representation of what is wrong with our country. 

- Jo FrostHost of Supernanny - Is the auto signed in crayon?

- John McEnroe: Men's Tennis Champion - I don't hate this.

- Kristi Yamaguchi: Winter Games Figure Skating Gold Medalist - This is seriously dated. 

- Kyle Petty: NASCAR Driver - I'm going to go out on a limb and say NASCAR and baseball don't mix.

- Lou Holtz: Champion College Football Coach & Broadcaster - I don't hate college football, but c'mon on already. This is the worst guy to listen to. 

- Manny Pacquiao: World Champion Boxer - This is the best card in this set.

- Marc Forgione: Restauranteur & Winner of The Next Iron Chef - I don't care.

- Micky Ward: Champion Boxer & Subject of The Fighter - Another solid card. Who misses the good old days of boxing?

- Nancy Lopez: Women's Golf Champion - Way past her prime in a sport no one cares about. 

- Peter Gammons: Award-Winning Baseball Writer & Broadcaster - Does it come with a Red Sox insignia too? Although this is at least close to baseball. 

- Picabo Street: Winter Games Alpine Skiing Gold Medalist - I hope she kisses the card with ChapStick.

- Rudy Ruettiger: College Football Player & Inspirational Speaker - I would prefer Sean Astin as Rudy signing  my card.

- Sanya Richards: Summer Games Track & Field Gold Medalist - I can't even comment because I don't even know who this is.

- Stan Lee: Founder of Marvel Comics - One win for the nerds (I'm a nerd too).

- Sue Bird: Champion Women's Basketball Guard - Ah jeez. More WNBA. 

- Tim Howard: Champion Men's Soccer Goalkeeper - I know four people who want this card. Least that's four more than the Sue Bird card. 

- Timothy Shieff: Freerunning & Parkour Champion - This isn't really a sport is it?

- Eric Jackson: Freestyle Kayaking Champion - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....

- Jake LaMotta: Champion Boxer & Subject of Raging Bull - I only like the boxing cards in this set. 

- Wee Man: World's Smallest Stunt Man - Who?

- Mat Hoffman: Champion of BMX Biking and Extreme Sports - I'm glad he didn't injure himself long enough so that he could sign these cards.

- Matt Guy: 2011 ACO World Championships "King of Cornhole" Tournament Winner - What the hell is this?

- Dirk Hayhurst: Author of The Bullpen Gospels - ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I love how they don't even give him credit as being a baseball player.

- Al Gore & Keith Olbermann - Now we got into the politics.

- Ron Turcotte: Champion Race Horse Jockey - Does anyone even know any jockeys' names? Where is my signed Barbaro card?

- Larry Holmes: Champion Boxer - Yay, boxing!

- Rafer Johnson: Champion Decathlete - Sigh.

- Shawn Michaels: Professional Wrestler - This is actually fun. 

- Angelo Dundee: Boxing Trainer and Cornerman - Yay, boxing! Oh I already said that.


  1. Blah. I have no clue who 90 percent of these people are.

    - Paul

  2. Cheryl Burke: Ballroom dancing is pushing to become an Olympic sport. But yeah, no one cares.

    Geno Auriemma: Total D-Bag.

    Heather Mitts: I think you're thinking of A.J. Feeley (now her husband) and not Pat Burrell.

    Jason "Wee Man" Acuna: YOU DON'T KNOW WHO WEE MAN IS? If I could pick only one Jackass to sign for A&G, it would have been Ryan Dunn.

    Matt Guy: Cornhole is a horseshoe-like game involving throwing bags filled with unpopped-pop corn into a slanted platform with a hole in it. Next time you're at CBP, checkout the tailgating scene. You'll see plenty of cornhole being played.

    Al Gore & Keith Olbermann: As much as I'd love a card of KO, I agree. We don't need Vice President ManBearPig in a card set.

    Rafer Johnson is a badass. He won the Gold Medal in the Decathlon, then captured Sirhan Sirhan after he shot RFK.

  3. McEnroe would definitely be number one on my wish list. Beats the Mary Carillo auto I do have.

  4. I wonder if the Lou Holtz will have some spit on it from his unique speaking form...

  5. Stale, Heather Mitts dated Pat the Bat before she dated A.J. Feeley. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=questions/heathermitts

  6. I will conjecture that some of these people were included to try and entice different (ie: non-collectors) people to buy this product. In the hope, that maybe they will buy some other Topps product. Maybe re-ignite their baseball collection, or non-sports collection. Personally, I don't collect A&G, so I don't really care one way or the other.

  7. I really want the Hope Solo auto, especially after today.