July 20, 2011

Thinking about the National

The National is less than two weeks away. If I wanted to forget, I couldn't. Everyone is talking about it on Twitter. People mention it on Facebook and occasionally I will get instant messages (people still do that) giving me a countdown.

I'm getting pretty excited for the NSCC, even though I don't foresee myself going on the crazy spending spree that I did last year.

I love being about to go to a place where there are just other collectors. I don't have to deal with the blank stares when I tell people I collect baseball cards. Then their way of trying to relate is telling me about their collection of cards from the 1980s and early 1990s.

Yes, we all have those.

I'm not sure where I will be during the National. There is no home base this year. But I am sure Marie and I will be walking around. You'll know us by being one of the four women at the show.

If you see us, say hi.

I'm going to try and post plenty of items from the national. I have a cool new app on my phone that will let me blog right from it. So, maybe I will be able to post some cool pictures or video, depending on how well the app works and the battery life on my phone.

As we get closer, I am sure we will talk more about the National.

So, let's have an early roll call. Who's going? What are you looking forward to seeing?


  1. I'm of course going and can't wait to see what is out there that I must have! Unless I'm really bored, I probably won't be ripping too much stuff.

  2. Is this roll call for next year back in Baltimore? If so, I'm in. I could only go on Friday last year, but instead spent the whole day at the garage with some unexpected problems. Double Frick!

  3. Will be there and looking forward to the National's high quantity of vintage dealers. Cool to know about blogging from the floor--what app are you using?

  4. Baltimore was my first National, so I'm looking forward to a little more diversity (hockey, more newer baseball, etc.) than there was last year.
    Plus this time it's only a 20 minute drive instead of an hour.

  5. I'm going all 5 days, and would love to meet up with other bloggers, maybe trade some cards too.

    Sal aka "Puck Junk"


  6. Live in California and have to go to a aweeding so I won't be there. Hopefully I can experience my first NSCC next year.