July 10, 2011

Sunday Question

As most of you already know Derek Jeter became the 28th man in the 3,000 hit club on Saturday July, 9, 2011. I think Elias stated that out of every man who has played in the big leagues, statistically only 0.163 % (or something like that) ever reached that milestone.

As hard as it is to get to 3,000 hits, it is certainly a reachable goal if you are consistent day in and day out and stay healthy.

This week's question is in regard to the 3,000 hit club. I'm curious as to who everyone thinks will realistically get into this elite club. You can view the list of active hits leaders in MLB here to see if you think one of these guys will get there. My personal guess is that A-Rod will be the next guy to get into the club, however I don't think it will have the same appeal to fans as Jeter doing it.

I was at the game to see Jeter do it and plan to post my journey with Jeter soon.

P.S. If anyone wants a commemorative Jeter shirt, hat, pin, sticker, tissue, earplug, etc. Modells and Sports Authority have a ton of stuff, however I didn't see anything in Target.


  1. ARod will be next, although I'd love to see Vladdie make it there. If he stays healthy, he could make it early 2014.

  2. Ivan Rodriguez
    Johnny Damon

  3. I can't see Pudge or Damon staying healthy enough to get there before A-Rod.

    Vizquel has a ton more AB's than Jeter and the other guys, and hasn't got there yet. I wonder how much longer he is under contract for, if he plays long enough meaning.

  4. I think it'll be A-Rod.

    That's really awesome that you got to be at the game. I was watching on tv & caught myself yelling in excitement when he hit it. Just such a cool baseball moment. You couldn't have scripted that game any better for Jeter.

  5. A-Rod's got the best shot as long as his body doesn't give out on him. Honestly I don't see anybody hitting 3000 for a very long time after that, especially if we are entering another Pitching Era like in the '60s or '80s.

  6. I'd love to see Vizquel make it, but he's been reduced to part-time status and I don't think he'll get enough AB before he hangs it up. I think A-Rod will probably be next. As far as others who may make it, I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Pujols yet. I think he's got a good chance. There are some younger guys that you never know about - Cano had 200 hits last year and 100 so far this year, but its hard to project these guys who've only played a few years. If you asked me this 10 years ago I doubt I would have said Jeter.

  7. As others have said, Pudge probably won't make it at all, though it would be nice if he did. Vizquel is just too old, so A-Rod will probably be next. I'm not sure that Johnny Damon has a shot, so next in my opinion would be Ichiro.

  8. A-Rod has the best chance, but I don't know how many people are really looking forward to it.

    I'd love to see Johnny Damon reach 3000 - just to see how the Hall of Fame voters would react.

    - Paul

  9. If Vizquel stays around he'll get it although I would bet it would be very under the radar.

    I would say Helton, Pujols, Ichiro and Damon all have legit shots at it.

  10. A-rod will be next, I think Damon will eventually make it - and I think Bobby Abreu sticks around long enough to get to 3000.

  11. Next? Probably Alex Rodriguez. Vizquel and Ivan Rodriguez can both do it, but even though ahead of A-Rod, they're not getting as much playing time so will take longer, if at all.
    Looking farther down the list, Carlos Lee is possible, Ichiro Suzuki and Albert Pujols probable.
    But not much after that.
    Dark Horse - Vladimir Guerrero. He's could surprise us, just needs to stay healthy and get a steady DH job for a good 3-4 seasons.

    Vizquel barely has a season's more ABs than Jeter. Want to talk AB differences, look at Hank Aaron's 4,000 ABs more than Babe Ruth!