July 8, 2011

Mike Trout gets the call

The Trout household had an exciting early morning on Friday when their son called to tell them he headed to the Majors. For his family and Trout's fans, this was a day many have waited for, but thought wouldn't come just yet.

Trout is still 19 - he turns 20 in a month.

Analysts tried to predict when the Angels would start the clock on him. September was the earliest most saw him coming up to the Majors. But injuries seemingly forced the Angels to bring him up now, before the All-Star Break. (Editor's note: I'll have more of this story for my newspaper tonight)

Before his debut tonight, I thought it would be fun to look at some of Mike Trout's baseball cards out there.

These are all prospect and minor league cards. I bet his Rookie Card shows up in Topps Update ... or they wait until next year to include him as a Rookie Card to soak up in the hype.

2010 Topps Pro Debut

 2010 Bowman Platinum autograph

 2009 Bowman Chrome autograph

 2009 Bowman Sterling autograph

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