July 7, 2011

Jeter just three shy of 3,000

New York Yankees fans seemed to be more interested in tonight's matchup for Derek Jeter than him getting hit No. 2,997 last night. That's because Jeff Niemann is on the mound for the Tampa Bay Rays. When Jeter needed three more hits to get the Yankees all-time hit record, Niemann was on the mound then too. 

Jeter got three hits in one game. 

It's possible it could happen tonight could get to that 3K mark. 

But as he gets closer, the cards in my collection are getting better and better. 

As we think about Jeter's future and how far his career has come, here are my favorite Jeter rookie and minor league cards. 

When I started collecting Jeter cards around 17 years old, I went after a lot of his rookie cards. But this one card kept alluding me no matter what. It didn't show up on eBay as often as the rest of his cards and at the time I didn't go to any card shows. 

His 1993 Stadium Club Murphy card actually came to me in a form of bipping by none other Chris from Stale Gum. He had a note with the card that said he picked this card up $6 at a card show. 

Six. Freaking. Dollars. 

You won't find this card for that price anywhere else. I am grateful Chris picked this card up for me and when I get all my cards again from my parents' house, I fully plan on filling in some of his want lists. 

When it comes to Jeter rookies, this is the card everyone strives to have. I know the scan isn't great and all of those scratches are actually on the case and not the card. I bought this card more than 10 years ago and have never once took it out of the holder it came in.

His 1993 SP rookies are tough cards because they don't hold up well. They have a lot of flaking and chipping around the edges from the way the card was designed.

My card isn't in stellar condition. I know it wouldn't grade 10 or 9.5, so I won't even bother. But I love having this card in collection regardless.

This card I just love because he's so little.  Look at that hair! Jeter looks like he's rocked a mullet in his teen years.

I'm excited for Jeter's 3,000th hit, if you haven't been able to tell by now. He's been my favorite player for 15 years. I've seen any of great places and feel like I've grown up with the guy. 

This is my way of celebrating the fun that he brought over the years. 


  1. that is a steal! i only have jeter rookie...

  2. Love the baby face on those cards. Reminds me of several of the early Chipper Jones cards I have.

    I don't care for Jeter myself, but I hope he hits the milestone.

  3. I bought you that card for $6? I completely forgot about that.