July 6, 2011

Jeter is back from the DL, and a hitting machine!

Derek Jeter is finally back from the disabled list. This made for a very quiet two weeks on the Jeter 3,000-hit watch front.

But ...

He's back. In his second game off the DL, Jeter notched two hits bringing his career hit total to 2,996.

However, this post is commemorating the first of those hits. When Jeter singled on a soft ground ball in the first inning of a 9-2 win over the Cleveland Indians, it reminded me - sort of - of my favorite Jeter die cuts in my collection.

Truth be told, I'm a sucker for die cuts. I love how the irregular shapes take away from the regular rectangle we're used to getting in packs.

Fleer seemed to be most active in the die-cut market. The next three cards are all from Fleer products, playing off the name of the set to create a unique design.

Although the next isn't technically a die-cut, I lumped it in with this group because it's just so different. The foul pole netting on the card is created to feel like real netting. This is a card from 1999 Revolution, a Pacific product.


  1. I have one of those foul pole cards (not of Jeter, of course). It's great.

  2. Fleer and Pacific rule(d) when it comes to creativity, even if some of it is silly.