July 27, 2011

Chasing a minor leaguer

Ever since Kevin Kouzmanoff was sent down to the minors, I find it a little difficult to want to chase his cards. I have bought some here and there because they are cheaper - not that they were expensive before.

I know card companies need checklists ahead of time and we always wonder why someone is left off, but here is a case where a player, who many thought would stay with the club despite struggling, is in a set.  Kouzmanoff was included in 2011 Allen and Ginter.

A short-print, no less.

I got the base card, a mini or two floating around.

But what am I supposed to do about this? The wood card.

I don't even remember what I paid for one of the 1/1 wood cards last year - for some reason he had two - but I remember it being expensive. And, oh yeah, the card isn't even wood.

Kouz is still my boy. I love that he's doing well in the minors and hopefully a team that is in need of a third baseman will trade for him soon. But how much money do I want to shell out for a minor leaguer who is not a prospect?


  1. do you collect him because you like him, because of a heritage shared, or because he's the next Eddie Matthews?

    If he's your guy, then you go get his cards (within your budget of course)... if he's not, then don't collect him at all.
    His success at the plate shouldn't weigh into it, should it?

  2. I know what you're saying. I like him and it mostly has to do with the heritage. I think I am just disappointed with the way the season has gone.

    I am glad he's not as expensive as the other player I collect - whose cards are normally out of my price range.

    I just wish he was up and playing in MLB.

  3. I guess I'd say go high but within your budget, which is what I do with my Seneca collection. He's largely been a backup QB his entire career so I'm not used to a starting/backup or minors debate, but I do think I'd be willing to pay more if he was a star and worth more cash. I think if anything the demotion helps you in the short term with Kouz - prices will likely go down on his stuff since he's not even a major leaguer, so you can swoop in and pick stuff up on the cheap.

  4. Same thing happening to me with Brian Matusz this year. Hopefully it drives his autographs down.

    As for wood cards - have you ever seen the Lumber Yard inserts for 2002 UD 40-man? They really are laser etched wood fronts. I need Chipper and Griffey for the whole set.

    Hope to see you again at the Nat.

  5. The first player I chased nearly every card I could was Rey Ordonez, SS for the NY Mets. When he was traded to the Rays fewer cards were produced (or so it seemed).

    Eventually he fell out of the majors all together and my desire to track down his cards was a little diminished...so I see where you are coming from.

    I however took advantage of less people chasing his cards and was finally able to pick up some of the higher end parallels and autos for cheap. I had always hoped he would rebound with another team and it never happened...but I'm still proud of the collection of cards I've amassed.