July 11, 2011

2011 Allen and Ginter hits the Bay ... whaddya think?

It's been a several weeks since we've had a fun baseball product to break. I enjoyed Gypsy Queen, but I feel like there is too long of a wait until the next product to hit.

Allen and Ginter is hit or miss at retail stores this weekend, but some people have already gotten their hands on cards.

There are some very pretty baseball products

Mickey Mantle Rip card
Robinson Cano rip card

To slightly more obscure cards

Fabulous Face Flocculence? ... Least there is a baseball related one with Brian Wilson.
Flora of the world - Black-eyed Susan

To the non-baseball card we have all come to cherish
Timothy Shieff auto
Jack LaLanne film relic
Hope Solo autograph


  1. As a late to the party Ginter collector, I can't wait! Have a hobby box to pick up Wednesday and looking forward to my first Gint-a-cuffs. Will say, checked two Targets today, one on the North Shore (MA) and one in the Worcester area (MA) and no signs of A&G.

  2. Stupid 2011 A&G hobby box was missing hits. With an 's'.