June 10, 2011

With 10 hits to go, I look back through my Derek Jeter cards

As Derek Jeter gets closer to 3,000 hits for his career, I have looked through my card collection that I started when I was just a teenager. Yes, this was more than a decade ago.

I was just 16 years old when Jeter broke onto the scene. I didn't follow prospects back then, so I had no idea who he was when he started for the Yankees at shortstop that year. A rookie, yes. But no one really expected him to do what he did.

It didn't take long for him to capture the heart of this young girl. I had Jeter posters – among other Yankees – plastered on my wall. When I got my first job at 17, I used my paycheck just to buy cards of his off eBay. I wrote a lot of check in those days.

My collection has grown greatly since then, even though Jeter is one of the most expensive current players. My numbers – while not exact – are pretty decent. I have roughly 1,613 unique cards, 52 memorabilia and six autograph cards.

I know there are Jeter collectors out there who have greater collections than I do. But I love looking through my cards. Just flipping the pages in the binders brings me a sense of calmness. I love looking at a card and knowing exactly how and when I got it - from buying a pack at Yankee Stadium to buying a hobby box at a card show in Denver during the 2007 NLCS.

With just 10 hits to go for Jeter, I plan on unveiling some of my top 10 favorite types of cards that are in my collection. I had a problem where I couldn't just pick 10 cards. So, I had to group them into categories.

I left a bunch of them out too. When you have more than 1,600 unique Jeter cards, it's hard to pick your favorites.

The card at the top of the blog. I liked it, but just didn't have a category for it. So, here it is.


  1. That is awesome! Amazing that he is just 10 hits away from 3,000 and amazing that you've been a loyal collector throughout his career! You more than I card for every other hit he's made! That is pretty impressive.

  2. I just noticed that Paulie's sleeves are very short... Like he's the muscle of the group.

  3. Cool. Looking forward to seeing what your favorites are.

  4. That is great to follow a player who has his talent and stays with the same team.I had visions of doing that with Thome but he ran out on me!

  5. Guy has had a pretty brilliant career. Looking forward to seeing some of your favourite cards.