June 13, 2011

Seventh Heaven: Jeter's moments

Since Derek Jeter has come into baseball full time in 1996, there have been great moments that have involved the New York Yankees shortstop.

As we countdown to 3,000 hits and look my favorite Jeter cards, it's time to look at the reasons Jeter has become an icon. He hit his 2,993 his in yesterday's 9-1 win over the Cleveland Indians.

The Flip.

Jeter diving into the stands.

2000 World Series MVP and All-Star Game MVP. 1996 Rookie of the Year.

Some of these moments only Yankees fan are going to remember, but the bigger situations happened on national stages and are recalled by baseball fans.

Many of these moments were captured on card. So, now we get to look at them all the time. :-)

Getting more than any New York Yankee was a big-time moment. Yankee fans embraced this moment. It's amazing that I've been watching him play for such a long time and have seen 15 to 20 percent of hits in person.

His latest moment was breaking the New York Yankees franchise record for hits.

Being a Yankee, the card companies knew putting this moment on a card would be a success. So, we needed more than one card.

Another card we needed several of was the final game at the original Yankee Stadium. This was not a Jeter moment, but he led the charge of the Yankees around the field and gave a speech when the game was over. I was at this game with Marie and it was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever been a part of.

I am lucky to have been there. I am lucky to have seen the games I witnessed and all the great plays (including Jeter diving into the stands) that happened in Yankee Stadium.

The best part is, there are still some moments left in the old man.

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