June 13, 2011

Only six more hits ...

Derek Jeter singled in the top of the 1st inning tonight against the Cleveland Indians. He has 2,994 hits for his career. Jeter is looking to become the 28th player in baseball to get 3,000 hits for his career.

But Derek Jeter wasn't the only player I enjoyed watching throughout the years.

This next post is dedicated to the few cards I have with Jeter and my second favorite player - Andy Pettitte.

Come on, look at these two guys. This card is 1997 Ultra Double Trouble insert set.

How can you not be scared of those menacing looks? Pettitte's scrunchy brow. Jeter's billowing stare.

They look all about 12 in this picture, but I love it.

Here they are a little bit older. This is from 2001 Upper Deck Victory.

Pettitte is retired - obviously - and Jeter is on his way to 3,000 hits. It reminds that we're getting old, but it's great to see these two guys on a card together.

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