June 7, 2011

Near Mint Vintage Pick Up

Today I had to go to the card shop to pick up a boat load of boxes for the two cases of 2011 Topps Series 2 that we will be breaking later this week and as usual I had to look around. Actually, I didn't have to look very far at all.

When I walked in Dave was sorting some cards that he recently acquired and since I am nosy I had to see what was there since it was vintage and the top card on the pile was a 1962 Maris/Cepeda in very, very good condition. The next card was the one. The One. I have wanted a card of this player for a long time and kind of just figured I would eventually come across one I liked. I saw a bunch at the National last year and they were in pretty crummy condition for the asking prices so I decided to wait for a nicer one.

Here is what I stole... Well, borrowed... Well, I have a tab at the card shop now as a result of this card but I think it's well worth it.

1962 Yogi Berra

While the card is off center left to right, most cards of this era were not centered so I can live with that. The corners are pretty sharp, and there is little wear to the edges. It feels old. It also looks freaking awesome in my collection.

What do you guys think of my vintage pick-up? Looks pretty sweet, right?

If anyone is looking for cards from this year, please get in touch with me for Dave's e-mail and you can ask him what else he has. I am sure he would ship them to you and take PayPal, however he probably won't run you a tab.


  1. Helluva find, Marie! Don't think I've found anything vintage in such great shape ever! Reminds me that I need to scour eBay for a graded Dale Murphy RC.

  2. Great card! Congrats on the pick up.

  3. Anytime you can pick up a Yogi it's a good thing

  4. Awesome card!!! Congrats on your find.

  5. Wow very cool. Good old Yogi.

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  7. "The One" - I understand what you mean. Great card, in tremendous shape, of one of the game's best.

    What's Dave's email address? I would be curious to know what else he recovered in that stack.

    Enjoy the Yogi and good luck recovering from the Topps2 Break. I'm sorry I missed it and now fighting the urge to head to Target.

    OH - and PLEASE sprinkle some magic pixie dust on our boys when you get to the game tonight. We gotta take 1!

    Go Yanks


  8. I bought the rest of the stack, the other good cards were a Brock rc, Maris/Cepeda HR kings, a Mays, and a Frank Robinson.

    /me shakes fist at Marie for cherry picking the Yogi ;)

  9. Dan,

    It's not cherry picking. It's picking a card of a player I like from the team I root for. I don't have any interest in buying cards just to buy them, I buy what I like of the players I like or collect.

    There are plenty of Cano and Pujols cards that I won't buy because I think they are hideous. Doesn't mean I am cherry picking, just means I only want things that I like.

  10. I'm kidding with you Marie, denoted by the carefully crafted semi-colon and parenthesis.

    All's fair in love and cards, anytime you can pick up a Yogi you go for it.