June 8, 2011

An early look at Topps Series 2

Even though the hobby version of Topps Series 2 hasn't been released yet, the baseball product has sprung up across eBay because retail outlets have been shipped this product early. (By the way, we have two cases coming with teams still available (here and here)... email cardbandits@gmail.com if you are interested. Once those cases are ripped, there will be a more comprehensive look at Topps Series 2.)

Most of Topps Series 2 is the same as Series 1. Designs and inserts are uniform especially with the
60th anniversary and Kimball Champions.

But Topps Series 2 really seems to focus on Hall-of-Famers and retired players.

A few example include the leather nameplates and Kimball Champions. I would love to show you pictures, but for I can't figure out how to steal photos from eBay on my parents' Mac.

The SP Legend variation I actually like a little better in this series. I spotted Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan (as an Angel), Mickey Mantle and Phil Rizzuto.

Then, there are these seemingly new inserts: Diamond Stars and Before There was Topps.

And, please, don't forget the sparkly cards. There are plenty of those too. In case you missed it, Topps is having a bounty contest for Series 2. Check out their Facebook page for more info on that.

My overall impression is positive with Topps Series 2. I really liked the first series. It was fun a break and it seems as though the second one should be the same. I haven't seen prices on hobby boxes, but I am also not interested in getting any since there are two cases on the way. 


  1. Interesting - I have the same problem with eBay photos on my mac. Have to use my work computer when I want to pull an ebay photo.

  2. That Reggie card is freakin' sweet, nice to see him in the green and gold. Feels like he's been showing up as a Yankee in most recent product.

    Also, I have the same ebay photo-stealing problem when I use chrome, but it works fine when I switch to explorer.

  3. @Nathan - I really liked the green and gold Reggie too. It really stood out to me when I saw that card.

  4. please check the cardbandits email, because if the mariners are still available i'll grab them and send the payment.