June 9, 2011

Blog Case Break Results Part 3 - THE MOJO!

Here is the blog you have all been waiting for- the hits. I am going to reserve my comments on the Series 2 product until I am done scanning everything, but most of you already know my feelings on the Leather Name Plates and the like. Feel free to sound off and let us know what you think of them, and the selection of players pulled in the autographs or game used cards.

Leather Name Plates

Black Leather Name Plates /99

Game Used Relics (actual game used, not manufactured junk)


There you have it. That concludes the posts for the blog case break results. I will be posting the Facebook case results later on, and then I will begin sorting. I think most of you that participated like seeing the results scanned in case you missed a hit or missed the live break.


  1. Yes, but everyone was quick to point out the "home team" hits we got. I wouldn't even call the leather non-sense a hit. It's more like something to protect the other cards from bending.

  2. I'll just say I feel the same way about manufactured relics.

  3. Wow, the Cubs did make out like bandits with this case. I am glad I took the Mets in the FB break rather than this one. Was anyone surprised by no printing plates in two cases of this stuff? Maybe I was just spoiled by seeing so many turn up in the gypsy queen breaks.

  4. Thanks for hosting the breaks!! I don't have seven hours to watch the video, so I'm just looking forward to getting the package in the mail. :-)